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10 Swat experience in the field of hair transplantation, plastic surgery, rhinoplasty and facelift with the purchase of a group of doctors specializing in all fields


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Option No. 1 for hair transplantation and plastic surgery for more than 62 Arab and European countries and with more than 65,000 successful hair transplant operations over many years, during which we gained unparalleled experience, and we had the opportunity to share with many their journey in restoring their hair, their looks and their youth

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Lose weight in the shortest possible time and at the lowest cost
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Dental Surgery

Dental Surgery - Dental Implants - Hollywood Smile
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Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation using FUE technique Hair transplantation with sapphire is the FUE method
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Aesthetic clinic

The nose is the most visible part of the face, in addition to performing the function of smell and breathing. There are some cases that need surgical intervention, whether the operation is for cosmetic purposes or for the purpose of treatment

It is a surgical procedure performed under general anaesthesia. The duration of the operation ranges between 4-5 hours, depending on the person’s condition. A small incision is opened around the ear. Then the doctor first tightens the internal muscles in the face to the top and is fixed by medical threads from the inside. After that, the excess skin in the face and neck area is tightened and cut together.

Before the breast augmentation procedure, the patient is examined and the size of the breast is compared with the body to get a proportional body after the operation

The case is examined whether there is sagging in the chest area to get rid of it, if there is sagging in the chest area and the patient wants to get rid of them in the same operation during breast augmentation surgery, where the size of the chest is enlarged and lifted up

The weakness of the upper eyelid and the formation of fatty bags in the lower eyelid, whether it is congenital or due to age, is treated through eye surgery by removing excess skin and fatty bags by scraping or scratching.

Why estaclinic is the perfect choice

10 years of experience in the field of medical tourism, we provide you with the best treatment services and under the supervision of a group of the best doctors specializing in all fields


One of the best and newest current techniques is vaser liposuction, as this technique tightens the skin

the physical treatment

Management of acute and chronic pain of the cervical and lumbar discs

Treatment and follow-up of rheumatic diseases

Orthopedic Rehabilitation and Sports Injuries Meniscus Injuries

Neuromuscular rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of children

Dental Surgery

Dental implants are the first alternative to natural teeth and the perfect solution to compensate for the loss of a natural tooth from teeth or broken teeth, where you can replace them with implants for cosmetic teeth with a natural appearance

Brain and Neurosurgery

Brain, spinal cord and nerve surgery is rapidly developing day by day with innovations in medical technology and in parallel with this, more successful results can be obtained in diagnosis and treatment.

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Gastric balloon operations

Suitable for people who want to lose weight quickly and in a short period of time It is suitable for people with overweight who did not take results from sports diet and medicines to reduce weight Suitable for people who do not want to do weight loss surgery It is suitable for overweight people who want to lose weight to a certain weight and then do surgery

treatment plan

The specialist doctor evaluates the case, determines the main points, and shows the situation how it will be after the operation. With estaclinic .... we will change many things in your life, where the elite of medical staff in estaclinic clinics

We also have all surgical and non-surgical procedures available

the physical treatment

Physical conditions such as sprains and repetitive strain injuries. Back and neck pain Arthritis and fibromyalgia Foot and ankle pain General orthopedics Knee and ankle pain manual therapy Rehabilitation after surgery (eg, shoulder surgeries, knee surgeries, total knee replacement, hip replacement…etc.) Shoulder pain and tennis elbow Spine rehabilitation Sports injuries Work injury rehabilitation

Our physiotherapists help people affected by musculoskeletal injury, disease or disability. Our comprehensive approach to care combines orthopedic manual therapy with integrated approaches to achieve long-term recovery. We offer instant appointments with physiotherapy plans tailored to you, and our physiotherapists can relieve the pain of sports injuries, post-operative pain and arthritis as well as joint, muscle and nerve problems.

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Plastic surgery


Plastic surgery


Plastic surgery

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